With a big enough why, you will figure out how. This is a statement that I shared in Episode 001 because it has guided me to continue to step out of my comfort zone, through my current season of life. This encouragement came from the support of a personal mentor of mine from this year, Pru Chapman.

A transformational conversation featuring Pru who, being the founder of Owners Collective is a top business coach and strategist and has worked with hundreds of clients, from innovative start-ups and early-stage entrepreneurs through to global business. She is highly trusted as a trained psychologist, researcher and skilled NLP Practitioner with a Science/Psychology degree and an international accreditation in Behavioural Profiling.

I can personally attest that Pru is a priceless wealth of knowledge which is why I can’t wait for you to tune into her well-lived wisdom. Pru carries the natural beauty of an unpolished gem when it comes to her realistic, cut-through yet always kind advice.

In our conversation today, we explore:

- The power of humanising yourself (and your business) (7:50, 17:57)

- Starting before you are ready (14:31, 24:26, 40:12)

- Moving past perfectionism (15:01)

- How to live by your values (19:47)

- Using vision to maintain focus on your goals (30:00)

- What it means to hustle with heart (43:47)

As a sought-after presenter and speaker on authenticity, purpose, innovation and creativity, Pru Chapman has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Business Chicks, Startup Daily, North journal, Inside Small Business, City Journal and Dynamic Business.


Not only is this episode humbling for being TLC’s first interview, but also for featuring the down to earth and dynamic Montana Lower. Leading a lifestyle as as an Environmental Systems Engineer, Model and Artist, Montana has a lot to share on living a life led by love.

If you are looking for tools to support yourself in making a decision and navigating change this chat is overflowing with value.

In this open and honest conversation, Montana shares the lessons that a recent health crisis was able to offer her. Montana also kindly shares insights into what criticism can teach us about ourselves and her advice to her younger self.

A dedication to sharing the intention and inspiration behind TLC. This includes how my own test of not wanting to be seen became my testimony as I commit to shine a light on conversations of gutsy, love-driven living.