A life led by love requires us to trust the unknown winding paths that whisper and weave their way to golden meadows and one of these veiled paths paved the way for TLC products to show.

What started as a podcast built on life-giving words, has now led to candles that burn with heartfelt verses, poured out to be heard.

Now you can fill your heart and home with heavenly scents and sentiments with The Love Cleanse signature composition of perfumed and poetic candles.

Each candle is handmade at home in Australia, and infused with fragrant notes that carry songs and silken aromas.

Purity is our priority, so TLC candles contain 270g of pure soy and a cotton-based wick to gift you over 50 hours of beauty for ashes.

Let TLC candles be a burning reminder that light forever breaks through, constantly encouraging you to bloom.