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Real Conversations

Connect with the
human experience

TLC was first imagined from a longing to truly connect with the human experience behind gutsy living.

These are some of the questions TLC explores, featuring encouraging conversations with others that have walked through hardships, stepped into their courage zone and reached for more:

How do we persevere through our fears?

How do we believe in things yet to be seen as we pursue our wild and sometimes unknown dreams?

How do we maintain confidence that we are blessed, when all we see is mess?

Real People

Live A Life
Led By Love

TLC is for the change-makers and the risk-takers, creators, survivors, truth-tellers and givers that choose kindness, to continue to grow and to believe with faith.

These are stories of redemption and rising, filled with gifts of grace.

Together, we explore what it looks and feels like to live a live led by love.