Hello, fellow Braveheart,

Consider these words as a short and sweet expression of my current season of being and leaning in. 

Lately, my words constantly harp an echo of ‘how can love lead the way?’ and I am finding myself blessedly obsessed with stories and notions of finding beauty within breaks and doing it afraid but with faith that the things yet to be seen, will be better than we can dream. 

I see that it’s all too easy to romanticise personal growth and worldly ideals of success from mountain tops, but we are all fellow travellers traversing constant change and all have personal stories of messy grace. 

So, in this season, the pages of my story look like me sharing hope-filled words and using my voice to raise other voices while my ministry progressively becomes one of the heart. 

Because as much as I am yet to know, this I know for sure…

There is so much life to be found in the exploration of being led by love and coming home, even (and especially) through seasons of unknown.